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Defying the cult of filial piety thrills viewers. The show tells the story of a fictional Chinese family torn by internal conflict.

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The female protagonist, Su Mingyu, is barely on speaking terms with her widowed father and one of her two brothers. The father is a nagging crank who expects his two adult sons to bankroll his lavish tastes. This leads to constant bickering between the brothers, neither of whom wants to be called unfilial. That exceeds the online viewership of the next most popular television series by m. But in China, the Communist Party prefers entertainment to be unchallenging. Viewers are transfixed by its rare portrayal of middle-class life, warts and all.

The daughter holds a grudge against her father the two are pictured , and especially against her late mother, for having mistreated her while pampering her brothers. Her parents turned a blind eye when one of her brothers beat her. For many female viewers born before , when China introduced a one-child-per-couple policy changed to two in , such scenes have brought back painful memories. Some have used social media to share their own tales of sexism within the family.

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Tangy, tart and fruity: talking about flavours. July 03, Cambridge Dictionary.

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Meaning of all is well in English. B1 everything is in a good or acceptable state : I hope all is well with Jack. Thesaurus: synonyms and related words Good, better and best at the best of times idiom be the last word in sth idiom best better better off break go-to gold standard good heteronormative last word miles idiom second 1 second to none idiom so much the better idiom sound topper unsurpassed up uplift. Be the best writer in the office.

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