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View table of contents. Start reading. Book Description cdma in depth: architecture, protocols, design, and operation This is a complete guide to the architecture and operation of cdma networks. The default channel model includes the effects of both multipath Rayleigh fading and additive white Gaussian noise.

Alternatively, you can use the channel as a source of Gaussian noise only, or as an empty subsystem. You can configure the channel characteristics using the Model Parameters block in the top left corner of the model. The most important parts of the receiver subsystem are the Rake receiver and the channel estimator. Besides these two components,the other receiver operations are straightforward inverses of some waveform-generation operations.

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The decoder subsystem conducts the inverse operations of the remaining waveform-generation operations. The BER Calculation component compares the decoded signal with the signal of the data source. BER equals zero under all possible configurations for waveform generation, assuming no changes have been made to the model. Notice that signal delay is properly handled and frames are aligned. To view data graphically, open the scopes by double-clicking the Open Scopes icon.

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The scopes show the following information:. The transmitted signal seems scattered, as a result of spreading. The 'From Channel' spectrum scope noticeably illustrates the effects of the channel on the received signal.

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The 'From Channel' constellation scope shows the I-Q output of the channel. The signal is still spreaded. The 'After Derotation' constellation scope shows the data after the receiver subsystem has despreaded the signal and compensated for the phase rotation caused by the channel. The signal still suffers from some effects of the multipath fading channel.

The Cdma2000 System for Mobile Communications: 3g Wireless Evolution

The 'After Rake' constellation scope shows the output of the rake receiver after the rake receiver has compensated for the attenuation caused by the channel. ISBN: McGraw-Hill Education. Design next-generation wireless networks using the latest technologies.

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