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I have even held myself back from writing another book until I was doing it for the right reasons… i. After a few years of really working on my lifelong need for achievement and success and recognition, I can report that I have made a lot of progress.

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I am also learning to love and have compassion for myself! It is a hard, slow process. But now that I feel I am seeing lights at the end of the tunnel — at least this part of the tunnel! And finally, I feel like a new book is growing in me too. But I have much less attachment to it.

It will come as it comes. Charles, kudos on the Oprah interview and your humble attitude about it. If this is a portent of bigger things to come for you, I pray that you retain this attitude! Blessings on your success. Imagine an Oprah show or whole season that just tells the stories of the millions of ordinary people doing powerful daily work.

The threads in the fabric. The everyday heroes. Thank you for being one of them Charles. If you should go big, thank you for remaining, in your own way, small. Also a big thanks from me, Charles. I could also have asked all those questions that you ask.


Would I be willing to make that same deal? Good questions! This time, it was or is the path you are choosing in doing the small things. But, it is heartening to hear about Oprah and we do need some messages of hope at times. Warm wishes, Brian. You, and The Ascent of Humanity, have been at the center of many wild, deeply life-changing synchronicities over the past few years. Right out of college, on my first day in San Francisco, I got a big, hardcover copy of The Ascent of Humanity at a little bookshop. Almost two years of full-time work, burnout, and a deep depression later, I was on a disability leave from work and went to Lightning in a Bottle I was in a workshop you gave there we traveled in time :D , and then hung around the space for a bit.

It was a powerful, magickal experience in itself, and through it I connected with Danielle — a powerful connection that blew the doors off of… just about everything for me and set me on the path of awakening and healing. After the festival I connected with Paradox again, which brought me to one of the most deeply nourishing and stable connections of my life, a person who has been really instrumental in my growth and healing.

After that I quit my job and started traveling. You and I crossed paths at the Beloved festival later that year. About a minute later, Paradox literally stepped over my sleeping body, which led to us connecting again and opening some new pathways in my life. Thank you for being you and for the work you do! Hey Charles, Well and honestly put, as is your way and talent. Too wordy, too- but you already know and suspect that. Good stuff!

Also, that your working these things out in this process of writing for others is clear. And I wish more power to you in your clearing. I say, let it bleed. Not before. What matters is saying it with your sword and rose as is… thorns and shine all. Nice Guy.

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Your rage and fume have a place to help communicate unto communion — I trust you in this because you are transformed- and transforming. Nobody wants to read that, nor feel that from a brightness. This fuses into your Oprah bit. Oprah is perhaps more lost than most- and it is this quality in her — that is of her compelling to seek in such Darkness — that blesses us with a needed mainstream of stuttering toward wakefulness.

But it is now. Thanx to that SuperHighway. And the razor you walk is reminding you to that we are all in a quickening, so there is no time to bow to OprahChoprah left. Acknowledge, thank, hold in gratefulness and still cut the wheat from the chaff. Remember, people are quite capable — and many will swim on their own even just by seeing the boat. Yes, many will also drown. But giving even those who are drowning the dignity of their own place to do that for themselves is more respectful, and more real.

Keep it real, Charles. You really do have something to say, to share, and to communicate unto communion — now Zen it out. Cut off your own Buddha head and let us hear it! Trust us… we will grow. And we will quicken as needed across the land when you stop babying the Godscape and luv the blood and mud that challenges our ego-minds. Now is the time.

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Let the good times roll! I was worried about being the contrarian in this sea of accolades and was relieved to come to this response.

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Charles, who are you to be so damn humble? We lack for heroes and you are blessed with that capacity. I had no idea what you were talking about with your discussion of his layers of logic, because there were no specific examples. Criticisms in this form have a tendency to just shame and inhibit people rather than helping them remedy anything if there truly is a an area which could use some attention for improvement. Please, give specific examples, and how it impacted you. Your message will be easier to hear.

I am writing only because I treasure both Charles and the perspectives that come through his writing, and it is important to me to speak up in their defense. Down the street is a center for the blind, where folks who can see, lead around those who cannot. Your words at the Slow Living Summit accompanied by that superb cellist put your message into my bones. A million times Thank You. This essay was just what a needed in a time of crisis of purpose. With gratitude. I actually reached out to you at the time to ask if you would help out with a review.

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I am now ready to bring it into the world to be of service and not for the fame. Like you the anticipation, the dreaming felt exciting. The universe had other plans to align my teaching with my values. Thank you for your heartfelt muse; it has served as a mouthsmacking affirmation to pursue my witing with love and vigor.

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Huglets Philippa. Thank you for this essay.

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It is a joy to read about the smallness of a real life. My real life often feels very small.

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I am a composer and music teacher in a town with a population of just over 20, After I watched the film, I read the book and have slowly been making my way, as I dare, into treating some of my music life as gift. I thank you so much for spelling out the philosophical underpinnings to this new way of thinking. You inspire me to have the faith to offer my own work as a gift.

I am looking forward to seeing you and Opera together! So curious about what will evolve — both in the interview and the after affect on her audience. I love her curiosity and ability to connect with people. She has good questions to bring out interesting aspects of the people she interviews. And I always enjoy listening to you interacting with another person as you often do — great stuff emerges..